• NUK Trendline Soother.

    For trend followers: the Trendline Soother, with its large flat button for holding, comes in different fashionable colours and designs. Naturally, with the NUK Shape that is right for the jaw.

  • NUK Ice Lolly Set.

    Healthy snacking: simply fill with pureed fruit or yoghurt and freeze – children love ice-cream and mothers know exactly what is in it. The NUK Fresh Fresh Foods TM Ice Lolly Set is specially shaped for little hands.

  • NUK Freestyle Soother.

    Modern design and the highest comfort in soothers: NUK Freestyle Soothers have a small surface area making them particularly kind to your baby’s skin.

  • NUK Training Toothbrush Set.

    Practice makes perfect: the NUK Brush-and-Bite Teething Trainer and the NUK Brushing Trainer massage the gums and take care of the first little teeth – and so, little by little, children get used to cleaning their teeth.

  • NUK Care Baby Skin Care Cream.

    Gentle to babies as it protects and cares: the NUK Care Baby Skin Care Cream. Its ingredients strengthen the natural protective layer of babies’ delicate skin. Developed under the supervision of dermatologists and paediatricians. 

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宝宝的第一颗牙,第一份辅食,迈出的第一步 – 宝宝的第六到第八个月会有很多惊喜的变化发生。您在这里可以找到帮助宝宝出牙,学会吃喝,以及其它在这个时间段适用的NUK产品。